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Associate Professor,Graduate School of Economics,Osaka university

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To make a bridge between academy and society.
Research of the society, by the society, for the society. 

Dr. Koichi Nakagawa is an associate professor of the Graduate School of Economics at Osaka University, Japan.
He received a Ph.D. in Economics  from the University of Tokyo in 2008.

His academic works are mainly about the management of innovation, and his current interests focus on the key success factors for innovation in emerging situations, such as university–industry collaboration, post-corporate acquisition, and low-income countries.
Recent research can be seen in Competitiveness Review, Technology Innovation Management Review and Cross-cultural Management Journal. He got awarded at ITMC in 2019, ABEM in 2017, EAMSA and AJBS in 2016. 

At the same time, he works as YouTuber, a lecturer and a consultant to help several entrepreneurial actions, ranging from the development of sustainable business in Cambodia to acceleration of technological startups in Japan. "Bridging between academy and business" is his personal mission and he is dedicating his life to support people in trouble by academic knowledge.

Address: 560-0043 Department of Economics, Osaka University, Machikaneyama 1-7, Toyonaka City, Osaka.
Email: allegro_assai@hotmail.com
Academic Areas: Innovation Management, Strategic Management, International Business

Japanese page

Selected publications in English

Selected Papers

"Commercialization of technology in the university"

Nakagawa, K., Takata, M., Kato, K., Matsuyuki, T., & Matsuhashi, T. (2017) A University–Industry Collaborative Entrepreneurship Education Program as a Trading Zone: The Case of Osaka University. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(6): 38-49.

"Innovation in emerging market"

Abidi, D. and Nakagawa, K. (2020) Management approach for innovation success in unstable and stable environments: Opportunity-based approach vs. administrative control approach. Competitiveness Review, 30(1), 22-40.
Nakagawa, K., Nakagawa, M., Fukuchi, H., Sasaki, M., and Tada, K.(2018) Japanese management styles: To change or not to change? A subsidiary control perspective. Journal of International Business and Economics, 6(2): 1-17. 
・Abidi, D. and Nakagawa, K. (2018). Innovation in VUCA world: Evidence from Tunisian firms in a post-revolution context. International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, 10(4): 319-340.
Nakagawa, K., Tada, K., and Fukuchi, H. (2017) Organizational cultural crossvergence and innovation: Evidence from Japanese multinationals in emerging markets. Cross-cultural Management Journal, 11(1): 47-57.

"Drivers and Obstacles for organizational change"

Nakagawa, K. and Matsumoto, Y. (2015) Issue selection flexibility and strategic rigidity: Lessons from Sharp’s crisis. Discussion Papers In Economics and Business, Osaka university, 15-24.

"Characteristics of Japanese management style"

Nakagawa, K. (2012) Task overlapping approach to organizing R&D in developing ocuntries: From the survey of 33 Japanese multinationals. Komazawa Business Review, 43(1-2): 29-48.

Awards and Honors

ITMC 2019 Best Presenter Award.

Nakagawa, K. and Nakaya, M. (2019) Competitive positioning as antecedents of explorative and exploitative technological acquisitions: Evidence from semiconductor industry. International Technology and Management Conference 2019, Sept. 23, Malaysia.

ABEM Best Paper Award 2017

Nakagawa, K. and Abidi, D. (2017). Opportunity-Based Approach Versus Administrative Control Approach: Comparison between Unstable Tunisia and Stable Japan. Proceedings of 3rd Academy of Business and Emerging Markets Conference, August 2, Santo Domngo, Dominican Republic.

EAMSA Best Paper Award 2016

Nakagawa, K. (2016) Balancing formal and social influences toward organizational cultural crossvergence. Proceedings of 33rd Euro-Asia Management Studies Association Annual Conference 2016, October 29th 2016, Suzhou, China.

AJBS Best Paper Award 2016

Nakagawa, K., Nakagawa, M., Fukuchi, H., Sasaki, M., and Tada, K. (2016) Should Japanese Multinationals Change their Original Business Style in Emerging Markets? Proceedings of 29th Association of Japanese Business Studies Annual Conference 2016, June 25th 2016, New Orleans. 

Academic Degrees

2004 Bachelor, department of Economics, The University of Tokyo
2005 Master, graduate school of economics, The University of Tokyo
2008 Ph.D. in Economics, graduate school of economics, The University of Tokyo

Professional Experience

2008 Lecturer, Komazawa University, Tokyo. (modern corporation)
2012 Lecturer, Osaka University, Osaka. (Strategic management, Management of technology)
2013 Associate professor.

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